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Darla Noble, aka Momma D 

Author, Speaker & Ghostwriter 

Hello! Thanks for Stopping By

Welcome to, the place where you will find some of the best Christian and inspirational nonfiction, character education for kids/families, and historical nonfiction books out there. This is also where you will find just the right event/presentation for your classroom, homeschool coop, women's ministry, civic group, book club.... Yep, I pretty much have something for most everyone. 

Who am I?

I’m Darla Noble—Author, Speaker, and Ghostwriter with over thirty years of experience. I am known for being a great storyteller, but not merely for the sake of telling a story. The stories I tell are a) true and b) they always have a takeaway, i.e., a life lesson meant to help you be a better version of yourself.

I’m Darla Noble—wife, mom, nanna, and a little ‘oldish’ lady who loves Jesus, her family, playing in the dirt, walking…walking…and more walking, riding bikes, eating popcorn, roast beef, Mexican food, reading, and watching old sitcoms.

What do I write? 

Inspirational nonfiction—Christian devotionals, books that spark the creativity in every mom and nanna’s heart, and one that breathes new life into the art of being a good neighbor and reminds you of why it matters.

Historical nonfiction—WWII and family memoirs.

Character Education & Family Fun—Books that use science and scripture to teach positive character, scavenger hunts of all kinds that are both educational and FUN, and write-in journals for tweens and teens.


What do I say and who do I say it to?

*WWII hands-on display and presentation based on “All My Love, George…Letters from a WWII Hero”. The presentation consists of brief reading from the book, an interactive time of Q&A, and time for participants to view and examine a variety of WWII memorabilia including George’s original letters and medals.

*Keepsake In The Making Classes, using the book, “Please Pass the Memories” as inspiration, the class consists of exploring and brainstorming fun, creative, and interesting ways we can use your family’s keepsakes, recipes, photos, stories, and even traditions (YIKES) to bring past, present, and future generations of your family together. Everyone needs and wants to have a sense of who and where they come from, and the Keepsake In The Making Class is the perfect way to do just that!

*Women’s ministry events/conferences/retreats. I offer several programs that are easily adaptable to fit your needs and timeframe. Workshops for each one are optional. Programs offered include: “Jesus and Zinnias Make Me Smile”, “Deuteronomy 6 Parenting”, “Please Pass the Memories:, “Love, Momma D; Getting to the Heart of Parenting From the Heart”, and “Sippin’ Tea With Jesus”. NOTE: I am also happy to speak on a topic/subject matter of your choosing.

*The Nanna Subscription—an easy, but oh, so fun mini-class which equips Nanna, Gma, Granny, Mama, Mimi, or whatever name your grandkids have for you, with EVERYTHING you need to engage and connect with your grandkids on a regular basis. No matter how young or old they are, no matter how many miles separate you, no matter how many grandkids you have, no matter…anything!

*Brighten the Corner Where You Are” is my newest book as well as the focus of an event I offer to individuals, community chambers of commerce, neighborhood organizations, HOAs (Home Owner Association), church groups, and anyone else interested in reviving the art of being a genuine friend and neighbor. Participants will discover (or rediscover) the value of kindness among neighbors, and of having a small circle of people you can count on and who can count on you…no matter what.

*Fun with science and a few illusions, “The Sneaky Banana Lesson (plus 26 more)” is a character education program for ages 5 to 15. This event is engaging, interactive, and overflows with life lessons young people relate to and that will make them want to be a little better and stand a little taller.

*If you don’t think it’s possible to have fun teaching math, science, verbal skills, ordering, rational thinking, and grammar, social skills, and team building, think again! “The Medium-Sized Book of Scavenger Hunts” event gets kids up and about, inside and out, talking and listening, and learning on the sly. This event is fun for classrooms, parties, family events, social gathers, team building, and lots more.

Fees for events vary. For more information, questions, or to book an event, CONTACT ME at, on Linkedin (Darla Noble), or on Facebook (Darla Noble).

Where can you find me?

My books are available worldwide via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or directly from me when you email me at You can also request any title from your favorite brick and mortar bookstore. I also keep a pretty full calendar of events, all of which you are more than welcome to attend. Here is where I will be over the next few weeks:

May 11, 2024; Schofield and Gray Event

May 18, 2024: Downtown Books and Toys, Jefferson City, MO

May 27, 2024: Memorial Day Ceremony, Crocker, MO

June 15, 2024: Sons of the American Revolution, Springfield, MO



Don’t go just yet. Take a minute to check out my blog, “A Dash of Salty Grace”, find out what actual people have to say about my books and events at "Here’s what people are saying about Darla", order a book or two, and learn a little more about me when you visit "A Little Bit About Me". 


Thanks again for stopping by! 


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