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Can someone please tell me when magazine stands became extinct? No, seriously, they aren't a thing anymore! I know this to be true, because over the course of the last couple of weeks I have searched grocery stores, discount stores, and even Barnes and Noble in search of issues of some of the tried-and-true magazines that used to be available at every turn. You know--"Women's Day", "Good Housekeeping", "Woman's World"--publications which could serve as a source of pictures of food, household items, words, clothing, flowers, etc., that could be used to create a collage and things of that nature. I admit I've not purchased many magazines at a newsstand over the last few years--not nearly as many as I used to. Instead, I took advantage of subscriptions. And since they aren't offered at self-check pods, which I happen to like (don't judge me), I didn't realize they'd done a disappearing act.

I knew print magazines had taken a serious hit over the last few years. I guess I should have realized just how bad it was when Amazon notified me that they were cancelling the subscriptions I had through them--four in all. But I went to eight (8!) different locations trying to buy them. I was willing to settle for just one or two. But no. Not one was to be had. And quite honestly, that makes me sad. Technology and virtual resources aren't all that AND a bag of chips. There are just some things you can't do with a computer. 

Something else you can't do with a computer, or your phone is to be a friend and a good neighbor. Computers and phones don't compliment a neighbor's lawn or let you be a safe adult to the kids on your block. Nor can they fix a meal, mow a lawn, or get the package off the porch when a neighbor is out of town. Everyone needs to be a good neighbor and enjoy the blessings of having good neighbors. So, to help make that happen, I am mere weeks away from releasing my latest book--"Brighten the Corner Where You Are".


This easy-read 'how-to' is all about relationships; how to initiate and enjoy close friendships, and how to be a neighbor to anyone and everyone around you. This is more than just a book, though. It's a ministry. And my plans for the ministry in 2024 also include promoting the concept to small town chambers of commerce, neighborhood HOAs, and to various other organizations who want to do their part to bring back the rapidly-disappearing art of being nice. I know the value of being a good neighbor, having been on both the giving and receiving end of being a good neighbor. I want that, for you, too. For everyone! So stay tuned, because the relase date is just around the corner. 


Last but not least, I am still booking speaking events and book signings for the second and third quarters of 2024. So, if you are interested in any of the various events I offer, contact me via email (, through this website, or on Facebook (Darla Noble). Some of the events I have to offer include interactive #WWII presentations, character education events for K-5th grade, "Keepsake in the Making" classes, "Nanna Subscription Classes", and a variety of women's ministry events. 


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March 23, 2024: Crocker Public Library, Crocker, MO 

April 19, 2024: Homemaker's Extension Club, Ava, MO 

April 20, 2024: Christian County Library, Nixa, MO

April 27, 2024: First Baptist Church Women's Ministry Spring Event, Carterville, MO

May 4, 2024: Hardenville, MO Craft Show

May 11, 2024: Schofield and Gray Event, Fordland, MO 

May 18, 2024: Downtown Book and Toy, Jefferson City, MO 

May 27, 2024: Memorial Day Ceremony honoring George Burks, Crocker, MO

June 15, 2024: Sons of the American Revolution, Springfield, MO

August 3, 2024: "The Sneaky Banana Lesson", Barnes and Noble, Springfield, MO 



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What people are saying about books by Darla Noble

"Please Pass the Memories" is the perfect solution for helping you decide what to do with all those family treasures." ~Barb

"I wish I would have had "Love, Momma D" when I was raising my kids. I have given a copy to my granddaughters. This is what parenting is meant to be about." ~Kathy

"All My Love, George...Letters from a WWII Hero" is a beautiful story-one that reminds us to live grateful lives. I couldn't put it down." ~Robert

"I got a copy of "The Medium-Sized Book of Scavenger Hunts" while visiting friends in Missouri. As a FRO for the Army, this book has proven to be a valuable and favorite resource for family events." ~Lori

"Jesus and Zinnias Make Me Smile is hands-down the best gift I've ever given my best friend." ~Linda 

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