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A Little Bit About Me


I've had a passion for writing since I met up-and-coming author, Judy Blume, when I was in the sixth grade. Over the years my life has given me more ammunition for storytelling than you can imagine. But I'm not the kind of writer who tells a story just for the sake of telling a story. I want people to learn something from the stories I tell...the true stories I tell. Even if the take-away is how not to drop your fish down the drain, why it's not child abuse to make your kids pick up walnuts, or something much deeper--like what it means to live without an older brother who died in the service of our country, or why a relationship with God should be your number-one priority, I want my words to encourage, educate, and inspire.


My work in the Christian/inspirational nonfiction and historical nonfiction markets includes memoirs, parenting/family resources, Bible studies, devotionals, character ed for kids using science and a bit of 'magic', curriculum covering a variety of subjects, and agricultural and gardening how-to.

When I'm not writing, you will find me hanging out with my husband, John, spending time in the garden, enjoying time with my kids and grandkids, riding bikes, and walking. I also enjoy being a member of the Rachel Donelson Chapter of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution), serving as a Docent with the Friends of the Missouri Governor's Mansion, leading the women's Bible study at our church, and serving as the secretary and event organizer for our HOA.

In addition to my work as an author, I have twenty-nine years of experience as a ghostwriter and inspirational speaker. I am in my element when I am speaking to a group of people. Whether it be a women's ministry event, a parenting/grandparenting seminar, an auditorium full of students, a civic group, or a few people gathered together for a book club meeting, I genuinely love using my gift of words to encourage people to be a better version of themselves. I also enjoy listening to those who have listened to me; hearing their stories and learning how others see the world around us.

While I am more than happy to gear my message around your event's theme, I want to let you know I offer the following for 1-2 hour sessions, day-long sessions, or weekend retreats: WWII Memories and Memorabilia, Phenomenal Grandparenting, Deuteronomy 6 Parenting, Becoming God's Sheep, Learning how Zinnias, Zucchini, Iris, and Asparagus (among other flowers and veggies) have important spiritual lessons to teach us, The Sneaky Banana Lesson, and other essential life-lessons for children and teens, and Family Forever; preserving and making memories that last forever. *To find out more about booking an event, contact me via email at

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