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"All my love, George...Letters from a WWII hero" --A good book allows us to become part of the story within its pages, leaves us wishing we didn't have to say good-bye to its characters and makes us better in one way or another for having read it. "All My Love, George" is a good book. Technician Third Grade, George Burks was a medic who served and gave his life in the South Pacific during World War II. This book chronicles his three year journey from boot camp to days just prior to his death through the letters he wrote home to his family. These letters are intertwined with the thoughts and reminiscence of his younger brother-sixty-five years after George's death. Readers will grieve a family's loss as if it were their own, be put in the midst of one of the greatest periods of history in our nation and develop a sense of pride in this young soldier who selflessly gave his all for the life we enjoy today. The man George was-genuine, thoughtful, sincere, valiant and a real-life hero is evident in both the letters and the tender, proud words of his brother-a man whose teen years were overshadowed by his loss of a much-loved and admired older brother.

"Through the Eyes of a Shepherd"--Using my experiences as a shepherd (yes, an actual shepherd), I share with readers the live-lessons I learned in my spiritual classroom, aka barns and pastures filled with sheep. Each page reminds us that being called God's sheep is a compliment...not an insult and  just how blessed we are to be cared for by the Good Shepherd--the One who is always there; listening, watching, providing, and loving.

"Love, Momma D"-- This book is all about getting to the heart of parenting from the heart; reminding us that we don't have to be perfect parents, or try to raise perfect kids (as if either is possible!). By using my experiences as a mom and nanna, I remind parents that the best we can do is to love our children unconditionally--with that 'just because you're mine' kind of love. 

"Faith is like chocolate"--What do chocolate, pizza, the hungry caterpillar, school supplies, and big rocks (among other things) have in common? They remind us that a relationship with Jesus is something personal--not something we do because our parents or the Sunday school teacher tell us it's the right thing to do. Each brief devotion in this book for children, teens, and families, will make you smile, make you think, and make you want to get to know Jesus better. 

"Please Pass the Memories" --An'instruction book' for families who want to create and strengthen the bonds between the generations in their family--past, present, and future. It is a book full of fun, creative, and easy ways to use stories, keepsakes, food, photos, simple conversation, and even traditions and reunions to give your family members a sense of belonging and pride in who and where they come from. 

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-Darla Noble

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