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Books: $10 each or any 3/$25 Books will be author-signed 

Note cards: $15 per set of six w/envelopes

"Please Pass the Memories" & Root Beer Float & a Happy Marriage Gift Set: $35

"Jesus and Zinnias Make Me Smile" w/Note Cards: $25

"Jesus and Zinnias Make Me Smile & a Friendship Cactus Gift Set: $20

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 ROOT BEER FLOATS & A HAPPY MARRIAGE: Fill Mugs with ice cream and root beer. Insert spoons and straws. Sit close together and pray. Enjoy your float one bite at a time while solving a problem, making up after an argument, making a decision, or setting goals; Don't take the last bite until your problem is solved,  you've made up, your decision is made, or your goals are set; Pray again; Give each other a hug and a kiss; Use the straw to get every last drop. Wipe your mouth; Wash and put away your mugs...until next time. 

FRIENDSHIP CACTUS GIFT: Advice from a friend...and a cactus: Use your resources wisely, be patient during life's dry spells, bask in the sunshine, and...ALWAYS stay sharp!