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"Momma, why does Santa love some kids more than he loves me?"

If you've been a Momma D follower for a while you may recognize this post from previous years posted about this same time. Yes, it's a repeat, but that's because this is something worth repeating. Our children's hearts are tender and impressionable, and we need to do anything and everything we can to guard and protect them from being injured. But we also shouldn't have to feel like we're flying solo, because you're not. I'm here for you! And so are many of your parent-peers. As parents we need to be mindful of the hearts of all children. So, with that being said, please keep reading and please take these words to heart. A few years ago, I read something that broke my heart. It was an open letter from a mom to all the other moms ‘out there’. The woman was asking moms across the country to please have Santa give their children ordinary gifts instead of expensive, extravagant items like phones, computers, gaming devices, designer clothes, and the latest and greatest toys. She wasn't asking parents not to give their children these items. She just asked that if they did, that the kids would know these gifts came from them instead of Santa. Why? Because she never wanted to be put in the position of having to answer her six-year-old daughter’s question again—“Why does Santa Claus like other kids more than he does me?” This loving mother explained that she and her husband worked hard to provide for their two children, but their paychecks barely paid for the necessities in life like rent, food, utilities, clothes, and vehicle expenses. In other words, there wasn’t much left for Christmas. “We couldn’t afford the things other kids in their classes at school got,” she said. “But when my daughter heard other kids talking about what they got, she was hurt and confused. Not because she didn’t get those things, but because she viewed the obvious differences as a sign that she wasn’t good enough in Santa’s eyes to merit such gifts—that she had done something bad or wrong to cause him not to bring her the same type of gifts some of her friends received.” She went on to say that she didn’t want people feeling sorry for them and that she wasn’t asking for a hand-out. She just wanted to remind people that since we tell our kids that Santa loves all boys and girls and that he brings gifts to them because of this love, we need to make Santa an ‘equal opportunity gift-giver’. So, as you get ready to head out to grab up all those great deals and try to fulfil the wishes of everyone on your gift list, remember that it really isn’t the cost or extravagance of the gift, but the fact that you thought of giving anything at all. Besides, if you think about it, Santa can’t possibly afford all those things, so…. Love, Momma D, aka Darla

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