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Spread Cheer...Not Negativity

If You Want to Sprout Negativity in Your Kids This Season, Get Yourself an Elf on the Shelf.

Yes, I said it. Elf on the Shelf is an impish means of spreading negative thoughts and feelings. I also say it unapologetically, and here’s why. #elfontheshelfnoway

Message one: A what’s-in-it-for-me attitude should be the driving force behind good behavior and character. Think about it. The elf is supposedly spying on children to report their naughty or nice behavior back to Santa. Those with good behavior get stuff. Those with bad behavior don’t. But do they really miss out? Or is that just another false message? #charactered #raisinggoodkids #goodbehavior #nofalsemessages

Message two: Speaking of false messages…the elf thing says that it’s okay to say things you don’t mean and make promises you don’t intend to keep. Again, think about it. How many kids have exemplary behavior? How many of these elves, if they actually did report to Santa, would say your kids had a few (or a lot) of naughty moments? But then…how many of these same children would wake up on Christmas morning with few or no presents under the tree? So, how, and why do you expect your children to be honest and keep their promises if you encourage activities that do otherwise? Or if you yourself don’t? #saywhatyoumeanandmeanwhatyousay #noemptywords #keepingpromises #dontbreakpromises #SantaClausisnotmeantotbescary #unconditionallove

Message three: Love is earned not freely given. There’s nothing gift-like about love or anything they find under the tree if kids believe the only way to get it is to say and do all the right things. Sadly, this mentality doesn’t end when the Christmas music does, and the trees are tucked away for another year. It goes with them into the new year…and beyond. #givelovedontsellit #loveyourkidsjustbecause #unconditionallove #Christmascheer #realmeaningofChristmas

Message four: Bribery is the best way to promote good behavior. You can call it incentive if you want, but when there’s an ‘if’ attached to it…. Obedience, respect, and doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do should be non-negotiable. Period. #briberynotgoodparenting #goodparenting #bestparentingpractices #obedience #respect #doingtherightthingbecauseitstherightthingtodo #nonnegotiablecharacter

Message five: Naughty, troublemaking behavior has its place. It’s okay for an elf to be naughty. Even comical. But what happens when the kids mimic these behaviors? Do you see how confusing and frustrating this is to a little one? #naughtyisnotnice #naughtyisneveryright

Okay, I’m done. Almost.

No matter how much or little emphasis you put on Santa Claus and/or Jesus’ birthday, I am confident in saying that the message you want to send is one of joy, love, peace, giving, family, sharing, and all those warm, happy feelings and experiences that have become synonymous with Christmas. Am I right? So, why spoil it…why ruin it with all the negativities?

Unapologetically, Darla, aka, Momma D

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