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Things Are Happening...but We've Got a Long Way to Go

I know I'm not all that different from most of you when I say I get a bit overwhelmed and frustrated when I hear or read (mostly read) about what's going on in our world...our country...our communities. Parents are fighting for the right to change the sex/gender of their child. Our government is ignoring the crimes being committed by our leaders. History is being erased and called disgraceful if it doesn't fit within the agenda of those set on destroying society. And on and on and on I could go. But instead, I am going to tell (or remind) you of a few positive things that have happened recently:

*When a major retailer introduced a line of LGBTQ merchandise for infants and children, boycotts ensued, and the outcry was such that said retailer removed the merchandise.

*A popular brand of adult beverages used a transgender as their spokesperson, causing outrage so severe that the company has taken drastic and extreme measures to try to gain back their customer base.

*The Supreme Court upheld a Christian business owner's right to not do business with a gay 'couple' (designing and hosting their website). Some said the 'couple' was thrown under the bus for the sake of religion, but that's not what happened. Not at all! The two people still have a legal right to have a website, but the Christian business owner also retained her right to live and act according to her faith.

*The Supreme Court also made the wise choice to hold people accountable for their college debt.

*People are standing up to, and speaking out against businesses like Disney, some major league sports teams, and the LGBTQ community's agenda to indoctrinate our children via story times and the like.

But we cannot let these positives make us complacent (again). Complacency is what got us in this mess in the first place. We must continue to stand up and speak out for our kids, our families, ourselves. We cannot be ashamed of the Gospel and our faith in God. We cannot allow ourselves to be intimidated, or to fall for the lie that what little we do won't make a difference. Remember, though, that whatever we say and do must be said and done with respect for God and for the law. We must be adamant and resolute without being rude or unkind. We are, after all, God's children and his ambassadors on earth. So, take heart, and don't stop working toward the day when God will look at us and smile because we are rejecting evil and seeking him with all our hearts. And then...then God will heal our land.

Colossians 4:6,

Darla, aka, Momma D

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