*Family memoirs

*inspirational autobiographies

*Inspirational nonfiction 




*Educator resources

*Motivational how-to

*Business plans

*Gardening and agriculture resources

These are just a few of the projects I've collaborated on over the years. As you can see, I have a wide range of experience; making me the perfect choice to help you with all your writing needs. As a ghostwriter I pride myself in providing my clients with a finished product they will be proud to put their name on.  My rates are reasonable, I am prompt, professional, and pride myself on keeping my clients informed and involved in their projects.


Presentations & Programs

As a speaker, I am known for teaching life-lessons through storytelling that leaves you laughing, sighing, and feeling a little more confident about who you are. I am available for presentations and programs to students, book clubs, churches, civic groups, and other clubs and organizations. 

You will find a brief description of the most often-requested programs I offer, on the HOME page. If, however, you have a particular theme you want to focus on, I will be happy to create a program to suit your needs. 

When I speak to a group, I love interacting with the audience and encourage them to participate in a number of different ways. Each presentation includes a take-home item for everyone in attendance and a drawing for a special gift. 


For booking details contact me at: 

Fund Raising 

I firmly believe in giving back or paying it forward. That is why I donate 20% of all my book sales to a ministry or charitable organization. Some of the groups I am currently donating to or have donated to in the past include LODGE OF HOPE (for wounded veterans), RAPHA HOUSE (human-trafficking rescue), THE MISSION (homeless shelter) WEEKEND BACKPACK PROGRAM (food for children), DOGWOOD RANCH (foster care of teens aging out of the system), HONOR FLIGHT OF THE OZARKS (organization for veterans), YOUTH CAMPS, CHILDREN's HOMES, and PARENTING MINISTRIES. 

I would be happy to talk to you about how paying it forward can help your ministry or organization. For details and information email me at 

Freelance Writing

I am available for a variety of freelance writing assignments including magazines, websites and blogs. 

Contact me at for all your writing needs. 

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