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It's one thing for me to say, "You'll won't be sorry you added this to your reading list," or "I promise you'll be glad I came,", but to read what other people have to say about me, well, that's where the proverbial rubber meets the road. When people just like you recommend a book, tell you they actually enjoyed the conference or event--that it was enjoyable and informative-I call that a win! So, keep reading and see what real people live people have to say. 

Oh, and one more thing-consider this your personal invitation to connect with me on social media. I love hearing from you and talking about whatever is on your mind. -Darla 

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Reading "All My Love, George..." gave me the feeling that I was sitting around their table listening to Benny tell their story over pie and coffee.-Susie

I wish I would have had "Love, Momma D" when I was raising my boys. So much practical and heartfelt wisdom. So transparent and real. That's why I bought my granddaughters a copy. And they love it! Even the one who isn't a mom just yet. But she will be someday, and she'll be ahead of the game having read "Love, Momma D". -Barbara Jo 

I couldn't put it down and then I didn't want it to end. "All My love, George...Letters from a WWII Hero" is one of the best books I've ever read. -Marah

Teachers and students alike say that Darla Noble's "Sneaky Banana Lesson" and "Medium-Sized Book of Scavenger Hunts" presentations are their favorite every time. She is energetic, engaging, and makes every child in the room feel special and seen. -Marie (Laura Ingalls Wilder Children's Literature Festival)

Her smile, stories, and the warmth with which she tells them, grabs your attention and doesn't let go. She is sincere and transparent, making it easier to realize that Jesus really does want a relationship with us. ~Joy

I know there's no way my kids and grandkids are going to want all my treasures, but thanks to "Please Pass the Memories" and Darla Noble's "Keepsake in the Making Class", I have been able to hand down some keepsakes and family lore in a way that my kids and grandkids actually enjoy and appreciate. -Mary C.

My daughter received a copy of "Faith is Like Chocolate" from her Sunday School teacher. She has read the book all the way through at least twice. It's not a lengthy book, so that's not such a big deal, but what is a big deal, is that she talks about what she reads and how it helps her to take Jesus seriously. -Nancy

"Through the Eyes of a Shepherd" throws all the false assumptions about sheep right out the window. And that's a good thing. Darla's comments about sheep being the perfect gift--the gift God liked so much that he sent one of his own--that really got to me. I definitely recommend this book to everyone. It's like having a conversation with a friend. -Dave

Darla is always at the top of the list for suggested speakers for any of the events our women's ministry plans. She never disappoints and always has something new and refreshing to say that challenges us to grow stronger in our faith and in our relationships with one another. -Lisa

I grew up having Darla as a teacher/mentor and I just want to say that she lives what she writes. She's as real as they come, and I can honestly say I will never forget the lessons she taught and the impact she had on hundreds of young people. -Chloe 

Darla's WWII presentation is factual but full of heart. It would be impossible to leave without knowing you can and should live with an attitude of gratefulness and respect for the Greatest Generation. -Charles

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